Campaign Design

Campaigns aim to create awareness about different topics like health, road safety, retirement provision and tolerance.

Awareness alone, however, is not enough. In the end, the goal is to change behavior - no matter whether recycling plastic bottles or being open towards minorities. Due to our psychological background we are able to analyze the effect of campaigns in a structured way (see theory), which helps to design more efficient campaigns.

We analyze the way a campaign works step by step and help to define attainable goals. Who should be targeted? Why do people not display the desired behavior already? What are the thoughts that might prevent desirable actions? What are the situations in which relevant decisions are being made?

This structure (see theory) helps

  • Guiding the initial analysis of the target group and analyzing why the desired behavior is not already taking place
  • Planning the campaign and generating ideas
  • As a checklist, whether a campaign considers all the important aspects and has no counterproductive effects
  • Pinpointing possible shortcomings of a campaign and improving those aspects

Please contact us if interested or left with additional questions (see contact)