What are people thinking?

If you work for an organization that intends to change behavior, this is a question you ask yourself on a daily basis. Our workshop offers insights into human decision processes by giving a comprehendible overview over the latest research in social psychology and behavioral economics (see theory). Together with the workshop participants we discuss and apply the latest in theory and research to current challenges of your organization. The goal of our workshop is to equip participants with psychological and evidence based approaches to everyday work challenges (such as campaign creation) in order to maximise project success. 

If you are interested in our workshop we are happy to answer any further questions (contact).


"Ein sehr empfehlenswerter Workshop für alle die Kampagnen und Projekte planen welche auf Verhaltens- und Einstellungsänderungen abzielen. Die Inhalte werden sehr Praxisorientiert vermittelt und können direkt in den Arbeitsalltag integriert werden. Herzlichen Dank dem Team von Decision Context!"

Christina Karpf 
​Leiterin Prävention Gesundheitsdepartement des Kantons Basel-Stadt