Dr. Florian Kutzner

Florian Kutzner is assistant professor for cognitive and social psychology at the university of Heidelberg. He recently spent a year working with the pioneers of experimental consulting at the Warwick Business School.

Dr. Laura de Molière

Laura de Molière completed her PhD at University College London, Great Britain, researching on topics related to risk taking behavior, emotions and motivation. She works as an expert for behavioral science at the Department for Work and Pensions and is a guest teacher at the London School of Economics.

Dr. Tobias Vogel

Dr. Tobias Vogel ist Dozent für Konsumenten- und Ökonomische Psychologie an der Universität Mannheim. Seit Beginn seiner wissenschaftlichen Laufbahn befasst er sich mit Kognition im sozialen Kontext, mit besonderem Fokus auf der Entstehung und Änderung von Einstellungen. Im Jahr 2016 erschien das von Tobias Vogel mitverfasste Überblickswerk „Attitudes and Attitude Change“.

Dr. Celina Kacperski

Celina Kacperski currently works as a postdoctoral researcher for the EU Horizon 2020 project ELECTRIFIC on behavioral incentives and human machine interaction in the context of e-mobility.  She also researches and consults on the application of gamification and game mechanics. During her PhD, she advised elite athletes on motivation and cognitive psychology.

Advisory board

Prof. Dr. Michaela Wänke

Michaela Wänke holds the first German chair of consumer psychology at the University of Mannheim She is an expert for surveys and marketing research. 

Prof. Dr. Klaus Fiedler

Klaus Fiedler holds the chair for social psychology at the university of Heidelberg. As a highly distinguished researcher, he consults German politics heading the symposium "Rationality and Democracy" of the national academy of sciences.

Dr. Jakub Samochowiec

Jakub Samochowiec is a trend- and future-researcher and wrote a PhD thesis in political psychology at the University of Basel. He also did research in integration and health. 

Cooperation partners

Prof. Dr. Rainer Greifeneder

Rainer Greifeneder holds the chair for Social Psychology at the university of Basel.

Prof. Dr. Arnd Florack

Arnd Florack holds the chair for applied Social Psychology and Consumer Research at the university of Vienna. He is especially interested in the transfer of research findings into practical use. Find out more about this here:

Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

German Development Institute

World Tourism Organization