What makes us different

Decision-Context is active both in consultancy and market research. With the aim to promote sustainable behavior, we develop interventions that can be divided into three phases: planning, implementation and evaluation.

Scientific foundation

Our close ties to academic research (Universities of Heidelberg, Mannheim, Basel, University College London) means that we incorporate latest research findings in the areas of decision sciences, social psychology and behavioral economics.

Due to our expertise in quantitative and qualitative data assessment, we also conduct market research, enabling us to assess behavior and attitudes, before interventions are planned.

Empirical approach

We do not want to only speculate about the best intervention to tackle a certain problem. Due to our knowledge of the scientific literature and our professional experience we develop interventions, whose effectiveness we want to test empirically.

The effectiveness of an intervention should be assessed, whenever possible, with an experimental design, where the results of an intervention are compared to a control group with no intervention. Whilst carrying out an experimental study is not straightforward, we aim to implement this method whenever possible as it is the most reliable way to assess the effectiveness of an intervention.

Statistical analysis

Due to our expertise with experimental research and its statistical analysis, we have excellent tools at hand to quantify and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. We are also capable of evaluating existing interventions, which have not been planned by us.